Secondhand blue grey roofing slates: 250nr 22" x 11": 250nr 20" x 12": 1200nr 20" x 10" : 300nr 18" x10" :250nr 18" x 9"

Secondhand 10m2 larged sized blue greyRandom roofing slates

New 200nr 400 x 300 Penrhyn Purple roofing slates

Second hand Farmhouse slabs- 20m2 Random paving 3nr victorian fireplaces

Second hand wall tiles - 300nr 6" x 4" x 1/8" blue grey

Blue grey Paving tiles 25m2 -600 x 300 x 20mm

New (weathered) 35m2 125 x 125 x 12mm blue grey tiles 15m2 purple sawn edge 40" x 24" x 1/2"





Roofing Slates

Welsh Slate is a metamorphosed sedimentary rock of the Ordovician and Cambrian geological series being 500 million years old.
The quarries of Snowdonia produce two main colours of slate - Heather Blue and Blue grey.


Welsh Roofing Slates

This traditional Welsh cottage, believed to date back to the thirteenth
century has been re-slated with extra heavy blue grey slates to retain its original character and small random sized “peggies” maintain the original feature of this period round house.

Alms houses date back to the 17th century roofed with heather blue slates.  

A site visit can be arranged for clients involved with the renovation of Registered Listed Buildings and building works in conservation conscious areas, to ensure suitable slate match. Samples can be provided to the relevant organisation/body for approval.

If your budget does not allow for the use of Welsh slates then a range of imported slates are available on request.


The size and quality of roofing slate required for your specific needs is determined by:

  1. Location of property.
  2. Extremeties of weather.
  3. Pitch of roof.
  4. Headlap per slate.


We can calculate the quantity of slates required on receipt of Architects plans, also advise you on a suitable size, colour and quality at competitive prices.

A list of NFRC Approved Roofing Contractors in your area can be provided, if required.  

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