Secondhand blue grey roofing slates: 250nr 22" x 11": 250nr 20" x 12": 1200nr 20" x 10" : 300nr 18" x10" :250nr 18" x 9"

Secondhand 10m2 larged sized blue greyRandom roofing slates

New 200nr 400 x 300 Penrhyn Purple roofing slates

Second hand Farmhouse slabs- 20m2 Random paving 3nr victorian fireplaces

Second hand wall tiles - 300nr 6" x 4" x 1/8" blue grey

Blue grey Paving tiles 25m2 -600 x 300 x 20mm

New (weathered) 35m2 125 x 125 x 12mm blue grey tiles 15m2 purple sawn edge 40" x 24" x 1/2"





Kitchen Worktops


SLATE worktops in today’s contemporary kitchens are extremely popular. Its cold, smooth, tactile nature provides an attractive and practical work surface. A cold slab can be inset into an existing worktop and is considered particularly useful for pastry making as well as shelving for cold larders.

Kitchen worktops can be produced to the customer’s specification to include cut-outs for the built-in units. Slab size 600mm deep x 30mm thick x fixed lengths to suit.

Splashback can be supplied to the rear of the worktop.

A suitable sealer is also available to coat the surface – for easy maintenance.


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